How to get a job interview

Apply for the job available through the Internet or send your resume to the bank. Keep in mind that if you submit a resume without an application form, you will most likely be asked to complete an application. The bank will want to have all of your information, including the addresses where you lived the last seven years (or more), your education, employment, skills, recognitions, referrals, social security number and driver’s license number. You can also find other questions like “Why would you like to work at this bank?”.

If you are asked why you want to work for that particular bank, be specific. Tell them about how much you love interacting with the people of the town and how you would like to make that visit to the bank special for each client.

Try to establish interpersonal connections.  Try to make contacts if possible. Many people get their job because they know someone who has spoken well of them. If you do not know anyone, maybe you know someone who knows someone. Try to contact them through Facebook or other social networks. If you really dream about being a bank teller, you will surely find someone who is willing to help you.

Go to the bank where you want to work and tell them you would like to apply.  Sometimes, when you go personally to ask for a job, you can get an interview directly. Especially if you can establish a good relationship with the person you spoke to ask for employment. If you personally go to the bank to ask for work, be sure to dress appropriately, showing a professional image.

Call on the phone to find out about available jobs. He telephones to different banks and asks to speak with someone in HR. Tell them that you would love to send your resume or take them in person. Try to briefly explain why it would be so important for you to work there. Send them an email to keep in touch with them.

Wait for them to call you for an interview, but keep in mind that this process is usually slow. HR often works only on certain days. Unless you are desperately looking for a cashier, you will surely want to check all the applications. Try to be patient and ask for all the jobs you can while you wait for them to call you.