Employment definition and concept

The relationship of societies with respect to employment is one of the main indicators that measure their development. Thus, the more developed countries tend towards full employment or, what is the same, that labor supply and demand reach the point of equilibrium; while in less developed nations unemployment aboundsĀ  , where workers do not get … Read moreEmployment definition and concept

How to fill out an application for employment

Generally, an application form gives a prospective employer the first impression of you, so you should do your best to make the application stand out among the others. This means preparing in advance by creating an application template with all the necessary information and receiving feedback based on it. So, whether you fill out the … Read moreHow to fill out an application for employment

How to respond to HR questions in an interview

In a job interview for a company you usually talk to more than one person in more than one department to determine your suitability for the position. The human resources department, which is often shortened as HR, is responsible for managing and implementing policies and strategies for selecting candidates. An interview with a human resources … Read moreHow to respond to HR questions in an interview