How to be a good employee

Improve your skills with computers. For this, you can take classes either online or face-to-face and practice your skill in typing, browsing computers in general and the ability to type while you talk on the phone.

This is because, as a call center agent, you should be able to quickly find the information you are asked for.

Having good navigation skills on a computer will allow you to learn how to handle new software easily as the company requires.

You can find programs and videos of online tutorials through which you can improve your computer skills.

Be punctual. Always come early to work, for which you must make sure you leave home with due anticipation. This will allow you to have enough time when you get to work to get comfortable before the workday begins. To the extent that your schedule allows you, try to take breaks throughout the day.

In most call centers, you will not be able to start work without first logging into the company’s system.

Before leaving the house in the morning, be sure to check the traffic so that you can leave early enough in case there is a problem in the way you usually take.

Learn from your supervisors. This is because they can give you advice on specific situations or how to be a better employee in general. Therefore, you can approach them during their breaks, as they may have to deal with several agents at once and be too busy the rest of the time. You can also approach them before or after the start of the work day.

Keep in mind that your supervisors are most likely to have started at the position you are in at the moment, so they are a good resource for learning more about the details of the job and you will also be aware of your difficulties.

Keep up with the activities of the company. You must learn as much as you can about the company for which you work. To do this, you can investigate it on the Internet or check the company intranet, as well as pay attention to the internal memorandums you receive by email.

For example, you should be familiar with the products and services that the company offers, as well as with all the details related to them.

If you have confidence in your abilities, you will be able to perform in a more effective way.

Be positive. Be enthusiastic about your work. Face each day with optimism and remember when you feel like you lose it. If you can, place at least some yellow object in your cubicle and always keep a positive affirmation in mind or in your purse, pocket or elsewhere on your desk.

  • This is because the yellow color has an optimistic psychological effect.
  • An example is to always have yellow sticky notes, pens or paper clips.
  • You can also say to yourself, “I decide how I feel and I choose to be positive.”


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