How to complete an online application

Fill out the online application if possible. There are several benefits of creating an online application:

  • As you write on the computer, you should not worry about your writing.
  • You can ask others to review your application.
  • You should not worry about the staff giving the request to the hiring manager.

Read the complete application, including any special instructions. Employers sometimes include specific instructions on applications to see if applicants can follow instructions properly. For example, you may be asked to list the information in a particular order.

Use the application template as a template, but adapt the answers according to the position. By completing the application online, you can cut and paste the text of the application template, but you must modify the generic responses to highlight the skills and experiences applicable to the job you request.

For example: if you have worked as a cook and now apply for a position to be a sales associate, you could highlight your work ethic and your ability to do several things at a time when describing your position as a cook.

Complete all the spaces of the request. If something does not apply to you, be sure to mark it as “Not Applicable” or “N / A”. Otherwise, the potential employer may think that you accidentally skipped the question.

Ask someone to review your application. Print a copy of the application before sending it and ask a trusted friend or someone from a local employment center to check it before sending it.

Check it one last time before sending it. You should also review the application yourself before submitting it. Make sure you do not have spelling or grammatical errors and that all the information is correct. If you’ve cut and pasted some text, make sure it looks right when you paste it, since special formats like italic, quotation marks, and scripts sometimes get lost in the process.

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