How to respond to HR questions in an interview

In a job interview for a company you usually talk to more than one person in more than one department to determine your suitability for the position. The human resources department, which is often shortened as HR, is responsible for managing and implementing policies and strategies for selecting candidates. An interview with a human resources manager usually consists of a series of questions to discover your motivations, level of commitment and productivity as an employee.

Answer the questions about yourself.

The interviewer will ask you to talk about yourself. He does not want to know the history of your life or a detailed recapitulation of your previous work life. Tell him what you’ve been doing lately and why you feel like you’re qualified for that job. Indicate where you have received your education and how your various jobs have shaped your work objectives.

It is very possible that they ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. You will need to be prepared to explain your strengths in relation to the specific job you are interviewed for. While explaining your strengths requires that you talk about the things you do or have done well, it does not suit you to seem self-centered or arrogant. When you answer the question about your weaknesses, do what you can to make them look like strengths. For example, you can say that sometimes your work gets too heavy. If you can not think of any weakness to say, avoid the question by admitting that you are not at all perfect but that you believe that your strengths correspond to perfection with the demands of work.

Answer the questions about the position.

When you are asked about the company, tell the HR manager why you decided to introduce yourself and what you know about the company. If you are curious about some specific detail of the company, you can ask some questions, but you should know the basics about its mission and objectives.

Tell the interviewer why you are especially qualified for the position. You must tell all your experiences related to the work. Try to compare the description and responsibilities of your previous work with this one.

Answer the questions about specific situations.

You will not know what the questions are beforehand, but you can prepare yourself to be asked about working under pressure, working with different types of people, problems with bosses or colleagues (say none), and about the mistakes you have made in other jobs. The interviewer may ask you what to do in a given situation. Try to relate it to past experience and tell how you handled it. The manager wants to see how you develop in certain circumstances.

Talk to the human resources manager about your work style.

Talk about your ability to work in all environments. Tell him that you like to work alone but that you also enjoy collaboration and teamwork. Try to find out the work environment class first and adapt your answer to that style. Be as flexible as possible in your answers if you are not sure what the interviewer is looking for.

It gives a good answer to the question: “Why should I hire you?” .

Re-expose your talents and your interest in the company. Show a working personality and present yourself as a good person who feels that he can bring something to the team.

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