Importance of employment

Work in any of its modalities provides money and with it we can cover our basic needs and satisfy some whims. In other words, only with a work activity can we fully integrate into society. This general rule has some exceptions: heirs of great fortunes who can live without work or some individuals who become a new Robinson Crusoe in some lost place.

Before, during and after employment

During the first school stage we learn the basic lessons of culture in general. Already in its early years all children are asked: what will you be when you grow up? With this innocent question the child begins to intuit that when he is older he will have to do something to earn a living.

After the academic training stage comes the time of the first jobs, which are usually poorly paid for two reasons:

  • Because the young man does not have enough experience and
  • Lack of experience is a good excuse to pay a low salary.

The process continues and with more or less difficulty most people get a job

During the work stage, all kinds of experiences happen or can happen: going up or down, being fired, finding a new job, disappointments and satisfactions of all colors and sizes. On the other hand, in the working world there are two different versions, since some achieve personal fulfillment while others are frustrated.

After retirement, the former workers find themselves with a new vital panorama. Some miss the hustle and bustle of their work, while others get bored with the twenty-four hours a day in front of them without any obligation. Between them, there is a third archetype: those who perform some activity to keep themselves occupied and feel useful.

The story described above highlights a reality: work determines the vital direction of human beings. Do not forget, on the other hand, that one third of the daily work is dedicated to work.

Understanding human nature from work

There are thousands of possible ways to earn a living. In most cases they work within the law, but some prefer illicit activities. The ideal of work consists of dedicating oneself to what one feels as one’s true vocation, but there are many who work immersed in permanent frustration or resignation.

The complexity of the human condition is manifested in the various attitudes of employees. In most work environments we find a bit of everything: lazy, addicted to work, balls, creative, mediocre, fighters or well-off.

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