The job portal problem: white-collar workers

However, the relationship of users with Linkedin seems bipolar: some say that Linkedin is very useful for finding employment, while many others say that it has never served them at all. What can be due to this extreme duality?

The answer consists of two somewhat strange words: it is a ‘white collar’, an expression that at the time was used to differentiate workers who work in an office (white collar) versus professionals who work with their own hands (blue collar).

At present, the comparison can be taken further to refer, in fact, to the difference in qualification between one type of worker and another. In other words, perhaps Linkedin’s problem is that while it seems to be a perfect scenario for qualified and digital profiles to establish relationships and even find work, the system does not seem to be too valid for long-term unemployed without a large network of professional contacts or with a qualification below that of ‘white-collar workers’.

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