What is an employment workshop

The employment Workshops are temporary projects, in which learning and qualification are alternated with productive work in activities of public, social or craft interest that allow insertion through professionalization and acquisition of experience of the participants. Each call will determine, where appropriate, the areas of activity that are considered preferred. They are aimed at unemployed people of twenty-five years or older, who are registered in an INAEM employment office, are available for employment and meet the requirements to formalize a training contract.

Duration and incentives

  • Minimum 6 months maximum 1 year.
  • Learning and qualification in alternation with productive work. (Training and learning contract or other authorized by the corresponding Provincial Office).

From the beginning of the Employment Workshop, the participating workers will be hired by the promoter entity, using the contract for training and learning as the preferred contractual modality. The duration of the contract cannot exceed the end date of the Employment Workshop. The working students will receive the remuneration that corresponds to them in accordance with current regulations.

Characteristics of the training

  • Initial training phase. Minimum content established in the royal decree that regulates the corresponding professional certificate. If there is no certificate of professionalism, the training will be constituted by the minimum contents established in the file of related training specialties.
  • Training phase in alternation with professional practice. Hiring of the worker student by the promoter entity from the beginning of the project. Productive work in activities of public, social or artisanal interest that allow the insertion through professionalization and the acquisition of experience.
  • Complementary training, basic training and professional guidance.

“Entrepreneurs” Employment Workshops

Are Employment Workshops, subsidized by the INAEM, aimed at unemployed workers of 25 years or more, whose objective is the development of a business project, previously defined, in order to promote self-employment of participants. Participants learn what is necessary to start up your “company” project once the Employment Workshop has finished.

Who can participate?

  • Persons unemployed and registered as job seekers in the INAEM, of 25 years or more.
  • Necessarily they must have a business project and entrepreneurial concerns.
  • Not having previously participated in an Employment Workshop or Workshop School.
  • No specific professional qualification is required, except in the case of delivery of a Certificate of Professionalism, which will be as established in the regulations for access to it.

In what conditions does it develop?

  • Duration between 3 and 6 months.
  • The working students will subscribe a contract for training and learning with the promoter entity.

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